What are the benefits to chewing FITGUM®?

The benefit of chewing FITGUM® over others is related to several considerations. We really did our homework before formulating FITGUM®, including the consideration of flavor. Using the flavor oils of spearmint, we pulled upon studies that show this particular type of mint seems to control appetite. We also considered that chewing gum releases saliva that can be quite effective in getting nutrients into the bloodstream quickly. So, we looked at the ingredients available to give support to the process of weight management, considered how they would work with gum and included several that are well known.

You mean chewing gum itself will help reduce your appetite?

Studies have shown a reduction of calories in snacks due to chewing gum and the research is compelling enough to be presented at this year’s Obesity Society meeting in New Orleans.
One study showed a reduction in calories consumed at afternoon snacks simply by chewing gum. Another study showed a reduction in calories by people not trying to lose weight. This would seem to indicate that chewing gum promotes caloric control whether there is a definitive need to do so or not.
We feel that chewing this gum before and after meals, as well as in between, can help in a number of ways. Of course, FITGUM® maybe the answer to controlling appetite, but when used with a healthy meal plan and exercise program, it might just be a welcome addition.

But, how can gum help this?

Chewing FITGUM prior to meals can help decrease the amount of calories ingested. Also for after meals. Think about it. Most people crave something sweet after a meal. If you are carrying FITGUM®, you have a delicious after-meal treat that doesn’t add calories to your day’s intake. Simply pop a couple of pellets of FITGUM® and you have a tasty sugarless alternative to a high-calorie dessert.
It is the perfect take-away from a snack or piece of candy. After all, it makes you think before you dispose of gum in order to take in a sweet, doesn’t it? This type of reactive eating is a cause for concern and FITGUM® can be an ally to you in avoiding it. You have to THINK about getting rid of the gum before taking the food in sometimes, just the thought of doing that alone can prevent you from taking the snack in the first place.
Chewing FITGUM® can also keep you from eating in places where food is being served, such as a conference or work-related meeting. If you have the gum with you and someone is offering you something doughy or sweet, like bagels or pastry, you have no need since you have the fresh taste in your mouth already. And, which makes more sense, a 5-calorie serving of gum or a 500-calorie serving of dough and yeast. You CAN control it.
Besides controlling appetite, chewing gum can help you get rid of bacteria in your mouth, help you maintain a fresh taste and cure a sweet tooth and, if the research holds true, may even help you control cravings right in the midst of the most tempting situation. It should be worth a try, anyway.

Does FITGUM® work for everyone?

Many people like chewing gum, and many people like to stay healthy and keep in shape. We recommend that you try it for yourselves. We have all enjoyed it so far. We all know that not everyone is the same when it comes to metabolism, so it seems impossible to determine how to make something suit everyone. FITGUM® has such a wide appeal by ingredients that many people will enjoy its benefits.

Is it Unsafe?

Absolutely not. FITGUM® is made by one of the oldest and most well-established manufacturing companies in the United States for over 75 years. The quality control in making gum far exceeds the controls placed on dietary or herbal supplement manufacturers.
We were careful in formulating the gum to make sure it produced with ingredients at the levels of daily servings we recommend. Our crazy formulator chewed fifteen pellets at one time, out of curiosity (he doesn’t get out much) and he reported that, aside from his jaws being a bit sore from chewing the wad, he experienced nothing out of the norm (for him…).
We would not recommend that anyone pregnant or nursing chew FITGUM®. After all, mothers-to-be and mother’s feeding should not do anything to alter their appetite. And since we know that baby’s need the fat found in mother’s milk, why would the mothers burn it while feeding their children?

What do you recommend for chewing FITGUM® each day?

We formulated the gum to be enjoyed as many times daily as you wish, before or after meals and in between, should you like it like that. Eight to Ten pellets daily should provide you the type of support you would find in dietary supplements that are two-three times the price per day. Depending on how many meals a day you eat, 2 pellets before and 2 after.